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Hi All

My old Dell pc fell over and so was put to one side over a year ago and i was bought a laptop to replace it which was far too cr*p to run anything decent hencs not using FS since then, anyhoo recently i managed to resurect my PC but after looking for parts i have found how much PC's have moved on what with 2x Graphics cards sitting side by side etc so it looks like i'll be getting a new PC. So i have a few questions:

1: Does FS9 run under Vista? Nearly all PC's seem to be Vista these days.

2: If i go for a £1000 ish gaming PC would i be better off buying FSX rather than scenery discs etc for FS9? - Looking at Intel E8500 Dual CPU, 4Gig - 800 DDR Ram, Asuse motherboard, 500gig HDD and either a single 512Mg Nvidia 8800gts (or whatever the top one is) or 2x 8800gt cards.

erm thats it for now 🙂

Cheers in advance

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FS9 Does run on Vista, Im running it now, and I'de say pay like £1000 for a decent cpu

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I'm guessing with a decent PC, FS9 and some decent scenery software it's going to run super sweet and look almost as good as FSX yes?

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Well FS9 will have better graphics, Im running a NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT and FS9 Graphics are great!

heres a screenie from a flight i did today

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Looks damn good to me!!

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Good to see you're back mustangpilot.

The answer to your second question depends on who you're listening to. There appear to be two distinctive camps now, namely the 'die-hard FSXers' and the 'sanity-preserving FS9ers'. The choice in the end is yours. I can tell you though that I have seen many simmers and I'm NOT exaggerating, moving from FSX back to FS9.

You're considering the option of using two gfx cards... some say FSX cannot fully utilize Sli or Crossfire just as FSX apparently cannot utilize DX10 whereas other games can.
In the opposing camp those claims are regarded as nonsense.

I won't try and influence your decision, but I would urge you to consider the critics' opinions as well. A Flyaway member recently found this thread and shared it with us:

Since then, I've found myself reading it several times, the three posts by robains in particular.

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Hi Tailhook.

I think seeing as i have FS9 already i'll pop that on the new machine and see how i get on. I have just loaded it on my sons new budget laptop and it runs fine in vista although some of the clouds have hard edges as if there are 2 images that don't match. I put the clouds on a different setting and all seems ok.

If it's ok on my PC then i'll keep it and get some scenery & environment software.

Lets get spending!!! 😀

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