Multiplayer chat, ATC, or Kneeboard not showing up.

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A couple of months ago, a noticed the the chat, atc, and kneeboard wasn't showing up in fsx. I tried opening up task manager and exiting all the programs i didn't need running, and sometimes the chat box would show up. Now i think i finally found the problem. If you have itunes, then you might have a program called AppleMobileDeviceService.exe running. This may be preventing the stuff from showing up. What i did was send I sent AppleMobileDeviceService.exe to a zipped folder and stored it somewhere else. Then I deleted the .exe file where it was originally located. After that the chat, atc, and kneeboard all showed up again. If anyone has the same problem, this might help you. If you use this program,( I don't know whats it's for) you probably don't want to do this.

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Hmm never heard of this problem but will be on the look out thanks

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