a refuelling mission

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zakk hutton (chez64) First Officer

does anyone know where i can get hold of an air to air refuelling mission

id like to have a go at this but i cant find one anywhere

any help?


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drwhoere Trainee

want kind of airplane u want? f16 or tornado cause lago include it with the f16 and tornado

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Orion (ollyau) First Officer

In FSX Acceleration, threre is the Carrier Practice mission and there is a Boeing 737-800 flying at some altitude above the carrer (I think like about 15,000 feet). Just fly up above the carrier and find the 737 and you can refuel there.

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zakk hutton (chez64) First Officer

anyhtin realy i just wana try refueling

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zakk hutton (chez64) First Officer

im after a proper r/f mission realy

Lt.Col Dremple Guest

Make one in the the Mission Creator frovided with Acceleration. There are also a few other Add on, Mission Creator Tools. When you do Post it, is fly it.
also see...

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