It seems like it only uses 1 core while game is running..

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I bought FLX about 1yr and half ago, I believe.. but due to poor performance on my system. I couldn't play but had to leave it in my cd case, but 2 days ago, I finally bought a new computer (DUAL CORE Duo 2.66ghz). But problem is that it seems to use only 1 core only when i have dual? (when I hit CTRL + ALT + DEL and you go to performance tap where you can see graph. I only 1 graph shows progress).
Should I just leave it as it is? I know this issue is been already discussed and I even saw it about year ago.. But I can't find same thread that was been discussed

Sorry guys! but please help me.. I just have been waited tooo long.

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You have to load SP1 and SP2 made for FSX not XP. They have the DualCore fix.
Find them at downloads.

Read the directions step by step before installing or they won't work.
If you buy Acceleration Pack for FSX it's part of that.


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