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I was wondering what is your favorite top 2 payware. I purchased airbus collection F-Lite from just flight and I wasn't very impressed with it. So iam just wondering what other flight simmers have purchased and if it was worth the money and exceeded expectations. 😎

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PMDG 747
PMDG 737

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Westernstyle First Officer

CLS A340 Cls A330

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Not aircraft, but Flight Environment X. Wink

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Steve (megafoot) First Officer

Look for the "Pilot in Command" label. They are generally superior. PMDG has some really awesome aircraft and Wilco. I own the PMDG 767 and Wilco "Feel There" Airbus collection 2 as well as the 737 series. They are IMHO some of the best decks out there. Especially the Feel There 737. Really well done!

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The Hughes H-1B "special"
No 2D cockpit, but it looks VERY good, sounds VERY good (this plane has the best audio that I've heard in any flight sim plane), and it's a challenge to fly!

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