How to enable FPS counter IN GAME? (if there's a such thing)

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Hey y'all, I've been a member for few months and haven't made a post. That's cuz the information I need is mostly there 😀

However, after a exhaustive search and reading, I've not been able to find information on how to enable in game FPS counter. Is there such a thing? I'd like to know how many FPS my game's running at. I've spent hours tweaking without knowing how many FPS the FSX is running at


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guys, I figured it out. Y'all just need to press shift + z several time to cycle thur various types of data located at upper left corner. I just needed to look a bit harder.

btw if y'all are wondering I'm getting 7fps on KLAX's runway

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If ya go through your fsx.cfg, there is a way to change what is displayed when you hit shift+z.

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