Speed up flight time.

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Hi Guys

Only me again.

Is it possible to speed up the flying time?

I want to fly London to New York but don't have the time to sit a PC for
6-8 hours real time flying. So how do i speed it up a bit so it only takes a couple of hours or so.



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HI press R then the + key this will speed it up 2 times press + again 4 times and so on. if you are using autopilot i usaually stick a 4 times


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So this will only work once you have started your flight then?

Thanx for that, very helpful.


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No. It’s works any time. Pay attention of your upper right corner of your monitor. With R – you may reduce your speed back and U may lower it to half and so on. Before landing do not forget to be back to normal speed.

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Right click on the screen, open the hide menu bar which will diplay the menu bar on top of your screen. You can then select the options drop down and adjust simulation speed. Note: it will only allow you to go up to 16 times faster with the auotpilot engaged, but it moves thing along nicely for those boring over water flights.

Of course you can always do what us real world pilots do when crossing the pond... sleep. Kinda fun, set everything up, doze off, then hours later try to find where you are and get caught up on those annoying ATC communications that are stacked up. Wink

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Hi Dave,

Certainly, I understand the desire to fly from London to New York without committing to the real-time flight duration. Here's a guide to help you achieve what you're looking for in Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX), and I'll also mention where these instructions can be applied to the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane 12 if relevant.

1. Simulating Time Acceleration in FSX:

  1. Select Time Compression: During the flight, you can press the 'R' key followed by the '+' key to accelerate time. This will effectively increase the simulation rate and reduce the real-time flying. You can use the '-' key to reduce the speed again.
  2. Use the Menu: Alternatively, you can navigate to the Options > Simulation Rate menu and choose a suitable speed-up ratio for your needs.

Note: Please remember that time acceleration can affect the simulation's realism and sometimes cause instability in the aircraft's behavior, so use this feature judiciously.

2. Using Autopilot for Long Haul Flights:

To further ease the experience, you can set up the autopilot to manage the flight. Here's how you can do this:

  1. Select Your Flight Path: Plot your route using the Flight Planner in FSX. It will help you select waypoints and navigate the entire journey.
  2. Use Autopilot Features: You can use features like the GPS and autopilot to follow the flight plan, manage altitude, heading, and speed. This will enable the aircraft to fly itself, allowing you to step away from the PC as needed.

For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and X-Plane 12: Similar features for time acceleration and autopilot can be found within these platforms. The methods to access them might vary slightly, but the principles remain the same.

I hope this helps you enjoy your London to New York flight without the need to dedicate 6-8 hours in real time. Just remember to monitor the simulation occasionally to ensure everything runs smoothly, especially if you're using time acceleration.

Safe virtual flying, and let me know if you have any more questions!

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