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Hi guys, since iv started my virtual airliner im in need to make some aircrafts, so i loaded up photoshop, and had a play around to see what i can come up with (First time using it)

iv tryed to watch some tutorials on youtube but the people go to fast and the screen is very blury, so unless anyone knows a good tutorial to help me looks like im going to have to suss it my self


1. iv made a repant just for fun to test, what i want to know is how i can copy it to the over side sp (Right side of plane)

and after that how i convert it for fsx.

below is the picture of the paint i have made

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I have found that some of those FS9 planes work in fsx. However they have to a certain format of bitmap file. You can get a image tool from the FS9 SDK. This allows you to change the format. Then you can edit them. After your done change the format back and replace the file in the plane.
This only works with the planes that use bitmap files for the texture.
About getting that the same on the other side I dont know.
Hope this helps,

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