Help! Can't Land on the Runway from Stanstead to Heathrow

jaffacake Guest

Please I need help. My problem is I can land flying from London Heathrow to London Stanstead, The glidescope, runaway and localiser is intercepted and im on the runaway.

When i do a return flight from London Stanstead to London Heathrow (UK), it just dumps me anywhere. I am entering the correct information into the radio stack and correct course and heading information.

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Pontus Guest

At some airports it is not nessecary to select the correct navigation radio frequency.
Heathrow ILS frequenies (Runways 9R, 109.50 - 9L, 110.30 - 27R 110.30 and 27L 109.50 MHz)
Stansted ILS fequencies (Runway 5, 110.50 and 23 , 110,50 MHz)
At some (but far from all) airports the ILS frequencies "tune in runways automatical". (This appliesatleast to MS2004). Try to press the radio button,
and then find the dual-reciever navigation radio, set one of them (or both)
to 110.50 MHz and activate the radio. Then You should be able to follow
Localizer to airport. Only if runway is not in sight at gear -down You really need the glieslope. If You have two white and two red lights (at left side of runway) You are on an acceptable glieslope. (And do not confuse localiser and glideslope with the flight director). Hope this was of some use.

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