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Help with Sweedish Champ Soaring Course

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Long time lurker first time poster. Hey all 😀

I'll freely admit that I am a bit of a badge collector. I've been trying for ever to get the 'Best Club Time' trophy in the Swedish Championship Soaring Course. I have the 'Best Course Time' but not the club time. Can anyone help out with what time to shoot for or suggestions on how to go faster? I've been getting better with maximizing thermals, etc. but even with keeping a near constanst speed of 100 KIAS, yet I can't get the 'Best Club Time'

Any help suggestions would be helpful!!



antoine65 Guest

Hey ! 😀
here is a response 6 years later ^^ you will probably not see or care of this response but it could but usefull for anotherone!
I have done the best time I have done 49:30 and after there was a bug from my computer.... Doh!
So to do get the best course time you must do less than 50 min and to get the best club time you have to do less than 1h

Wink Good luck

And I will try again once I will be calmed ^^

Agent Orange Guest

OK, I've been there, done that and got the T-shirt (actually the "Best Club Time" badge), and here's MY personal way of doing it (which might not be the only way): I glide at the best-glide speed of 80 KIAS in between thermals, but as soon as I come up on a thermal I slow down and start spiraling at the least-sink speed (<50 KIAS) in order to gain as much altitude as possible -- but I also budget my time so as to be, for example, departing from V. Vingaker no later than 30 minutes into the course. Also, when I lose the thermal, I don't waste time trying to reacquire it, but get back on course and speed and glide on to the next thermal. This gets me to the last thermal (the one at Lilla Melbo) with time to spare -- and when I get to it, I first try to gain as much excess altitude as possible by 50 minutes from starting, and when either I lose the thermal or the timer hits 50 minutes, I turn toward the finish, raise the flaps to maximum negative setting, and make a dash for it. This easily gets me to the finish line with a few minutes to spare!

Mikaer Guest

I just did 45.47 on my first try (used schematic visualization though)! I didn't spiral at all on thermals, just flew about 60 kias in them and outside them about 80 kias and that got me that 😀 You just have to pick a good route with enough but not too much thermals and don't go unnecessarily high, I found that its best to fly between 2000 and 4000 ft. And of course in the last few miles just pitch down and go as fast as you can 😎

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