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RFP 747 CAT II Autoland acting weird

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Pappy55 Trainee

Following the autoland procedure i have a strage problem..

My 'FLARE' indicator stays amber and it does not flare the AC before touchdown

I have no idea what is causeing this..

Before 1500 Radio Altimiter
I have both NAV radios set to the correct ILS Freq..
RW Cousre set in BOTH places on the MCP
Caputred the ILS glideslope
Set the mode to LAND and set paddle B on

It all seams to go well up to the very end when for some reason it just dosent flare

Anyone else ever had this?

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mllgrennman Guest

Same here...very weak flare. I hit at -600 fpm. I know I'm doing it right, the flare lights go green a 50 ft...but she just won't nose up enough to matter. I'd like to figure out whats going on.

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