FSX virtual cockpits vs regular old fashion cockpits?

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Newbe to FS9 and FSX I'm just not getting something here.  So SO most of 2004 FS( is the old straight forward cockpit and yes some have the VC virtual cockpit but in the normal view I can see the instruments better and I can move my seat closer or further away. For example I have FSX and I bit and bought a MD11 with Virtual cockpit and many liveries and thought since a paid version this should be good. FS200.0rg  So I install it and get it up and flying but with the normal cockpit view I cannot move the seat closer and yes I have the FSX keyboard menue but nothing works. I can read the instruments but would like to be closer for the smaller numbers.  If I go to VC cockpit it is clearer and I scan read them beter and yes you have the button on top to turn or zoom anywhere, but now here is my question?  There is no way to fly the airplane in VC even thou the instruments are easier to read as all you can see is maybe a few instrument but then yo cannot see outside, if you zoom back to see outside and the instruments then your too far away to fly the plane. SO what am I missing here about VC wht am I doing wrong?  Its neat to look around the cockpit and 360 degrees but there is no way to see the panel like regular view and fly the airplane with a view outside.  I got to be doing something wrong otherwise why have VC.It's the same in FS9 I have a better MD11 in that version and even in normal cockpit yo can see everything pretty welll and its ont a payed download which I wasted my money on thinking it would be a good clear cockpit.Lets say putting the flaps down, YO cannot see the flap indicator and yes VC yo toggle around to see it but then you got to toggle back to the panel and that is all yo see there is not outside/inside view??? and I need help how to move the seat closer to the panel in FSX as I cannot get it.The keyboard says CTRL/ENTER CTRL?BACKSPACE nothing moves.

Sterk03  Anyone have a good MD11 out there????

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