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I cannot download the real weather today (Jan 1😎 anyplace in the US. Europe and South America seems OK. It is snowing in NYC and weather comes up clear with 50 miles visibility. California, Miami and ORD all show clear 50 miles visibility, so looks like the Microsoft FS weather server is acting up. Anyone has any idea who to contact to get this fixed?

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I cannot download the real weather today

Well, how do you know you can't? When FSX can't connect to the Jepson weather server a red warning scrolls across the top of your view in game. Is that happening?

Remember FSX updates weather every 15 minutes and there is a variable setting for weather [Rate Of Change]. So.. for the 1st 15minutes of a session you get default weather or weather saved from a previous session. After 15 minutes the weather begins to change, but not all at once. You CAN start a session with current weather, but only by manually downloading and resetting weather before loading the session.

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Thanks for this. I always download the real weather usually static not dynamic (15 minutes changes) and it is always amazing how realistic the weather is (snow storm looks real, rain thunder e.t.c. all look real). TODAY I proceeded as always - downloaded the static weather; the download proceeded normal with the pick up bar showing the dowload and another bar showing the install - HOWEVER in the US including in snowy NYC the weather showed clear skies with 50 miles visibility. This never happened, the weather was alsays realistic. So I thought that the upload from Jeppeson is not working!

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