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Fs9,when flying at day,and are low visibility weather conditions, my approach,runway lights, don't switch on,in rael life airport,when weather conditions are bad,lights are always on,why???

Strange thing.When i flying at day,and Active sky evoliution generating weather conditions like this: EVRA 290900Z 27005KT 3SM +RA CLR 26/23 A2974,this is very low visibility weather condition,plus,rain,when approching to the runway,runway lights ,and approach lights,don't tur on,just VASI lights were on,and when i entered manualy in fs 9 user "defined weather" :EVRA 290900Z 27005KT 3SM RA CLR 26/23 A2974,all lights,runway,approach are turn on,why?????,Why,when active sky generating the low visibility weather conditions,fs9,don't tur on runway,approach lights,and when ai entered manulay the same weather conditions into user defined weather,fs9 tur on,all the lights????? ,and i think it's somthing wrong with interface active sky evoliution,and fs9,because,what i to notice:when active sky sent visibility 5 mile,into fs9,then i to go to fs9 select world/weather/customise weather/visibility,and there i to see,not 5mil visibility,but,to set slider to unvisibility,than i manualy move slider to visibility 5 mil,than all ok,all the light runway,approach,turn on.,but when i close this user defined weather option,fs9 again set visibility to unvisible,so why fs9 to set visibility to unvisible,if active sky sent 5 mil visibility,not unvisibility???????

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