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Hi all,
Looks like we lost the Real World Weather downloads. Have checked with Jepesson and they keep sending data to Microsoft FS weather server, but the weather downloads seem stuck in some previous weather situation. Have checked this on several computers. It was snowing in London close to two weeks ago, and it is still snowing there today! Basically the world weather seems stuck everywhere. It was a fearture I really enjoyed - to fly in a real weather......
Anyone knows what happened? Perhaps Microsoft saving money. Hopefully not for good....
Any thoughts?

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Tailhook Chief Captain

beroun you do say that you've "...checked this on several computers" I'm keeping this in mind. However, those could be computers in your home environment to which, apart from installing FS, you also imported your saved flights. I'm only guessing here.

Try on at least one of those computers to delete the "Flight Simulator Files" folder in your "My Documents" -- this is its location under WinXP.

This procedure might fix your problem or it might not. It certainly won't cause any harm, you simply lose all your saved flights which is no big deal.

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beroun First Officer

Thanks Tailhook,
Regret deleting the FS files did not help. After deleting the files, have restarted the FS showing the FS generated flight only and there were no real wether updates (can tell by LHR, still snowing there). Also have attempted to choose different default flights to no avail. I even re-installed the FS - no weather changes. So I think that either I got some file someplace preventing the weather updates, but doubt it since I tried three computers - all no weather changes. Alternatively the Microsoft weather server is not working properly. Note that when I am downloading the real weather the bars - download from Jepp and another bar showing weather upload to my PC are showing as it always used to. BUT no changes in weather??? Always worked fine in the past?
Any other thoughts would be appreciated. This is the feature I really liked.

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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this recently? If not it would seem the problem is local. I can't see Jepp or Microsoft deleting it without some notice, and I think there are likely more FS2004 users than FSX so it would make little sense for them to do so.

Mike Kennedy Guest

The problem I'm having is exactly the same as you have described. I'm amazed that these posts go back to 2009 and here it is 2013 and I just started having the issue. Real world weather is stuck. The weather is different and stuck at every reporting station. I've tried reinstalling, clearing casche, internet connection is fine. Has anyone found a solution to this since this thread has started?

John Stark Guest

I've been having this issue with Real World Weather for over a month now. I can't understand why this issue hasn't been resolved yet.

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beroun First Officer

Hi gents,
Having started this post I weel obligated to follow up on it. Well, I must say that the real weather now works fine for me, no issues. There was one ocassion about two years ago when the server was down for few days and there were few ocassions when the wether did not represent the real environment. But I must say that mostly the downloaded wether works just fine for me in any parts of the world. Sometimes scary realistic and I have FS4!

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the heads-up. I just went to EKES - a place called Esberg somewhere in Denmark and yes, the weather fairy seems to work.
It's a pity we can't just jump out of the cockpit and go for a walk... perhaps in the future? 😀

StonewallUSMC Guest

Microsoft stopped the Jepperson back a few years ago due to the new FS2020 using the Googles maps and tie ins with the telemetry and all of the other free world real world stuff .

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