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I forumed about this before, but once more to get some clarity. Plan to get FS Global 2008. But $ 60 goes far nowdays, so do not want to waste it. Can someone tell me if FSG 2008 is worth it? All I see in adv is mountains, OK, mountains are fine even in the standard FS9 but how about the cities and other scenery. I 'fly' a lot in bad weather and lot of AI traffic, enjoy the busy skies, so another question is how about the frame rates. Is not FSG 2008 substantially decrease my frame rates. I get 30 fpms all the time with my system -- busy skies, lot of weather and big cities, no impact afpm 30 all the time, isn.t FSG 2008 going to mess it up. Do not want to go below 20 fpm.
Any thought, advice would be much appreciated.

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I guess not much experience with FS Global, so will stick to the standard FS9 snenery.

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Hi beroun, i use FS Global Special Edition here
as well as this here
FS2004 looks very nice with these and i have no problems with them! 😀

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