Does the FTX Global Vector need any other ORBX products?

Abhiram Kodur Guest

I recently downloaded both the FreeMesh X Global Terrain Mesh Scenery 2.0 and FreeMeshX USA (which added up to a total of almost 100GB in zip files) and installed them to my FSX Steam Edition after some reviewing of forums and finally getting it right. However, while I was reading the download page for FreeMeshX Global 2.0 (, I noticed that it required FTX Global Vector to work.

It said exactly this: "By using FreeMeshX, you will be working with a solution that does not update or edit flight simulator vectors. It is important that you use a simulator vector update tool, such as FTX Vectors or UTX. Otherwise, the topography will be incorrect."

I had installed FTX Global Vector but found another article stating that the FTX Global Vector package needs Global Base to work (I couldn't find the link for this, I apologise). Unfortunately, I do not have the Global Base package and am confused about whether it is required for FTX Global Vector to work, along with some other things mentioned below.l

My questions are:
1) Does FTX Global Vector needs FTX Global Base to work?
2) If I don't install Global Base, what will happen?
3) If FTX Global Vector needs FTX Global Base to work, does FreeMeshX need FTX Global Vector to work?
4) If it doesn't, then how do I uninstall FTX Global Vector?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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