ATC Callsign, need help!!!!!

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I've downloaded some textures of airlines.
The only problem i'm facing with is that I don't know how to let the ATC use the airline's callsign.

Does anyone knows how to fix this


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You may need to download "EditVoicePack"


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Thanks for your message,
I've looked it up but they now only have it for FS 02/04 and I've got FSX.
So I still have to wait until the FSX version comes out.

all thouh thanks 😉

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No it works for FSX as well.


Hi !

You can just open the aircraft config file in the specific aircraft folder and scroll down to the new texture, there you will see your livery and there you can change the atc callsign and atc airline. REMEMBER to take backup of the file BEFORE changing it.

- Marius -

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