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I have recently purchased a new computer.I have found that the processor dos'ent run fsx well.I have done some researh and found the Intel E8400 Core 2 Duo Processor is the best for fsx without having to buy an icore question is can you replace a processor?


Amd two qaud core 3.0Ghz
6gb ram
ATI radeon 4870 graphics card
killer nic gaming card

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Seeing as you are currently running an AMD processor, you will be unable to switch to an intel processor. They use completely different sockets (Plugs on the motherboard that they plug into)

That said, a quad core 3.0 ghz processor is a pretty kickass processor; and your gfx card looks to be pretty top of the line too. Your system really shouldn't have any trouble at all running FSX at pretty high settings... (You can't just max out all the settings in this game the way you do in others, you have to go to the advanced settings and do a little tweaking.)

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