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According to the published keyboard commands there is a command for DME ident(on/off). It is CTRL+4 but I cannot find DME IDENT in the FSX SETTINGS/CONTROLS/RADIOS. Any ideas on how to set it?

If I select Transponder with key T, I only seem to be able to alter the first column number with the +/- key. Is there a way round this?

Same with the OBS Bug select. I can only alter the VOR1 not VOR2 with the +/- keys. Is it possible to do this?


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Hi Simmy,

I have only used my mouse to click on these things directly on the 2D panel - but it has worked for all the commands you list. Can you do that instead of trying to use the keyboard?

I must admit that some freeware planes may not work "my way", sometimes, no, usually because the control isn't even there.


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Thanks for your reply. I can use the mouse but I bought a new gizmo- XKEYS programmable key board and I want to use it.

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I found out why the DME didn't work. I had programmed DME using FSUIPC as well. As soon as I deleted that assignment the Ctrl+4 worked.

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