FSX Full of modifications, 2nd try, the other post failed.

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2nd try with this post, I only recently realized the last one did not work.
It's been ages since I posted anything here, or even logged into the site, but never the less I'm still flying strong.
I've just been doing it for real though. But it's always nice to come back to FSX when I can. I've logged around 80 hours the past two weeks with the NGX 700. I snapped a few shots here and there.
I recently installed the ENB series 24 hour mod. It did absolute wonders to the basic colors and lighting of the game. Now day light looks just like day light should, and it's a lot darker at night, and the overall shadows and reflections have been greatly improved with this mod. I HIGHLY recommend it.

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I don't understand why it won't show the image, but if you click on the X, it will bring up the picture.

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You can now only post images that are served over a HTTPS connection because our forum is now served over at HTTPS connection.

I've moved all of your images across to our server - they should be fine now! 🙂

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Thank You, I appreciate that. So what about future uploads? Will they automatically be on the HTTPS server?

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