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Hey Guys and Girls,

Just wondering what flight sticks/yokes people are using and how they rate them. I currently have the Logitech G940 and the Saitek Aviator. I havent fully setup my G940 so I dont want to comment too much on that but my cheap Saitek Aviator i would rate about 7/10 for fsx with good control and ease of use. I am looking for a realistic smooth flight control and would like to know your experiences


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10/10 on the G940 for FSX.

4/10 for formation flying. X52 Stick + G940 Throttle/Pedals works as the best combo.

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cool Razgr1z912, do you use the force feedback feature in FSX? Also how have you adapted the x52 to the logitech with the supplied connections.
I hope i get my G940 tuned right other wise I may look for something non force feedback with ultra precise feel and slick movement

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Hey Guyz!!!
I am here to share my problem with you i have a DEXXA Flight yoke!
when i play Flight Simulator 2002 & 2004 with my yoke.i fly the aircraft its easily control able in turning left/right, but when i push back/forward the yoke the plane is still in control but after when i release the yoke the plane is going out of control, the nose of the plane some time gone to much up or some time gone down but the cocpit view showed that the Flight control is in center position! in this way to maintain the flying altitude is impossible.

*but if i play other game such as F-16 multirole fighter/agressor,f-22 raptor,wings over europe,vietnam yoke gives a fablous control on it!

you can e-mail me on (

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