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I just ordered X Plane 9 , how does it compair to MS FSX. Thanks

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It's easier on your machine, FSX is more graphic intensive out of the box.
I don't think it's as broad and detailed as FSX but it's something else to fly and enjoy.

Let us know what you think of it after you try it out.
Post a few screenshots if you will.


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On scenery, X-plane is better

On aircraft FSX is better.

FSX's flock of birds does not cause damage, X-plane's flock of birds does cause damage!


X-plane has flying on mars.

FSX has many free addons to download. X-plane does not have that many.
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SILVERFOX11 wrote:

I just ordered X Plane 9 , how does it compair to MS FSX. Thanks

A little disappointed. No airport buildings and not very good aircraft but over all. I love xplane, flight is enjoyable, weather more real and stunning scenary 😀

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I noticed the date of these postings-a little out of date-and thus so is the content. So many times I have read comments like XP Scenery is better but poor planes and wonder whether the Guys writing the stuff have ever looked further than the planes that come with the program or the freebies (& lets face it apart from a select few the majority of frebies are pretty duff regardless of sim)
Although I no longer fly the Sim I have a large collection of payware planes for FSX & generally I buy top of the range. (I like to sit in a 3D cockpit when I'm flying not a comic book) and the same can be said for my X-Plane Hanger. There are some genius young guys out there at the moment turning out some absolutely fabulous aircraft for X-Plane. Apart from being fully functional 3D models some are so visually perfect that, once photographed, they are difficult to disguish from the real thing. Many beat FSX third party planes and whilst there may not be such a volume of choice, whats on offer is Ace and generally around half the price of FSX planes-in fact X-Plane is pretty cheap all round. I rate XPv9 & recon when v10 eventually shows there will be more people changing sides than Italians did in the last war

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