What add-on plane files are compatable with X-Plane 12?

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It seems very ellusive finding add-on planes and scenery for X-Plane 12.
It would seem to me that previous versions of X-Plane would be supported in 12.
That would make sense and be way more efficient.
Also, is there a way to use microsoft files in X-Plane 12.
I refuse to use microsoft becaue of the insistance I use steam and pay.
forget it.

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tomsierrafly Trainee

I looked every where to find a conversion MSFS to Xplane 12 it does not exsist.  Areosoft has some good payware stuff and Fly Away has some good  free ware.  A very good scenery for xplane 12 and is free is the simHeaven x world. Hope it helps  tomsierra

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