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Hi all, (
Before I start with this post, let me just make it clear that I hvae the Logitech Attack 3 joystick., on with the would like to try and fly an aircraft in the virutal cockpit view, but the problem is, that with this joystick, I cant rotate around the cockpit looking at different things. Pressing 9 and 7 eliminate my ability to see the PFD, and zooming out blurs the autopilot setting which are dialed in....Please help...I cant afford to buy another joystick, and I dont know any keyboard controls. If you have any ideas about what I could do..feel free to post them..I appreciate your help and by the way, I was reading a few posts in the aircraft section, and I noticed many people supporting airbus more than boeing. Now I'm not saying they are bad, but comme onnnn could you....Airbus, is, (and please dont take any offense towards this comment), an immitator. Ass lol, i like that emoticon, its just plain funny, but thats off topic....(giggles to himself) Let us alll take a moment, and embrace these potentially short times, in which boeing rules the skies below 40,000 feet......ah well, moments over....happy flying everyone!!!!

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If you would like to print out all of the keyboard commands download this.


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