Lockheed Martin F-22 Weapons Bay Doors

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The Lockheed Martin F-22 weapons bay doors do not open in my game. I press E and shift and before I can press 2, the cockpit door opens. If I press shift and then 2, the GPS window appears before I can press E. Even if I do all three at the same time nothing happens... Does anyone know why this might be happening? It doesn't work if I change the shortcuts so the buttons (IE E or 2)...(combined with the shift key) don't do anything and that hasn't solved the problem...

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Tom Kilpatrick (Tom12) Trainee

I have the F/A-22 package, but my bomb bay doors are working perfectly fine

I'll try and find a solution for you while I'm awake 🙂

Good Luck!

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Darren Elliott (darrenvox) Trainee

I dont have FSX but the one on my aircraft opens when you hit the "/" button...may not work...not sure...give it a try

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Tom Kilpatrick (Tom12) Trainee

Darrenvox's way works for me too... I recently downloaded a F/a-22 pack that the Youtube user 'DNthenumber10'. This is an ex-payware aircraft and it is perfect.

I think the link is on Simviation. Just hit the search box and search the following:
DN10f22 FSX


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Roar54 Trainee

Thanks Tom... I've downloaded and am about to try it out...
Just for the record... on my system... The / only extends the speed brake.

In case there is some other model you are talking about, my model is the F-22 Raptor that comes with several paint sets. I'm still thankful for all of the advice!

James Surprised

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