Slingload and Winch Missions

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Are there any ways of completing the missions with the slingload and Winch?
I have as of yet to complete those missions, I cannot work the winch and fly the helo at the same time.
Flying the helo is absolutely no problem, I even downloaded the 'pyro lite' helicopter and flew that one in Tutorial 12 and completed the mission.
But I cannot fly the missions with the slingload and winch and complete those missions. Is it just me or the fact that there is so much to do and still keep your distance from MSL to get the job done.
I won't be offended if it's me, I'll just have to practice more and more until I can do those missions, the Pulley mission in Rio, the Keys Kayakers and the other two to be able to fly and do the mission successfully.
The one that's really burning my butt, is the 'payload mission' where you take off from the carrier deck and fly to the payload and pick it up, the last two times I've tried, I just get there and the jet destroys the payload and the computer keeps on talking to me like the payload is still there.

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Agent Orange Guest

I'm not a slingload expert, but maybe you could try deploying your slingload or winch IN ADVANCE, and then approach the object to be picked up? That might reduce your workload. Also, if you have a joystick (which I don't -- I fly all the missions with just my keyboard, imagine that!), you might consider programming some of your joystick buttons to perform the "Hoist raise", "Hoist lower", "Hoist deploy/retract", and "Object attach/detach" -- that would allow you to keep flying the chopper while operating the winch.

As for the "Payload Recovery" mission -- sorry, I haven't flown it yet, but if I fly it and succeed, I'll be sure to tell you how it went.

Yerffej Guest

I also have had problems with the default FSX slingload missions. However, I found a heli autopilot that can get you into a stable hover and keep it until the payload can be secured. Hovercontrol's website has it. Look for file in their FSX gauges section. It works great! I hope this helps.

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