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Hey everyone, I was thinking of upgrading my Computer which is a:
Dell Inspiron 580.
Intel(R) Core (TM) i3 CPU 530 @ 2.93GHz.
6.00GB Ram
Windows 7 64-bit OS
Intel(R) HD Graphics Card

I have 1 slot left to install a maximum amount of 8GB ram. So what type of 2GB ram should I buy? (Looking for the best).

Would it even help if I put the extra 2 GB of ram in?

Now about that Intel(R) HD Graphics card... I did some research about it and read that it's better than all the other Intel GPU's but it isn't good for gaming.

Now I know that FSX doesn't use the GPU much (From what i've heard)... But, would it not help if I got something better? I need recommendations for a better GPU that is compatible with my PC (Dell Inspiron 580).

All responses help greatly. Any suggestions will be used to buy new hardware. Thank you for your time.

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No It's more CPU than GPU but you need more than an Integrated card to get good visuals and high (20fps) locked.

You have to match the ram you now have, you can't get different ram. It all has to be the same.
If you have at least 4 gigs (you have 6) then with that system it's enough.
Loading more money onto that machine is a waste.


A better CPU and card is the answer, money is always the answer.

Tweak what you have now, adjust the slides and enjoy it, save for a good machine that will last for many years, that will be worth spending.


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I agree with radarman, your ram is probably fine. It's not slowing you down so adding more probably won't give you much more performance.

Your bottleneck is currently probably your graphics, if you have a free pci x16 slot then it may be worth putting in a new graphics card because you can swap it into a new computer if you decide to get one.

But ultimately RM's right again, you're probably better off starting from scratch rather than trying to upgrade that particular system. My advice is to do some research and build your own rather than buying a pre-built computer (like dell or HP.) Much better quality and performance for what you pay, and you get the added bonus of being able to hand pick every component that goes into it.

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I don't have any money now and I won't be able to get a new pc for many years to come... That's the reason why I just wanted to know what I can do to upgrade it.

So what type of graphics card can I get here?

Btw, I will be upgrading to the highest i7 chip I can get.

And also, I just bought this pc, 4 months ago...

It's been pretty damn good too.

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It's a Dell so the chances are that it doesn't have an empty slot to add a better card.
Not knocking Dell but they use proprietary hardware and they keep everything to a minimum.
If there is an empty slot see what type it is and then a card can be chosen to fit it.
They also put low wattage power supplies in their machines so handling a card may be pushing the machine.
Check the wattage on the p/s.


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Ok thankyou.

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