Level-D FMC (Golden Gate Run)

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Alright everyone, I have this question that I can't really put into words very well but i'll try. I got a recommendation to do the Level-D tutorial flight from CYVR-KSFO (Golden Gate Run mission). So I printed the 38 sheets (i'm out of ink now) lol. I am getting pretty good with the FMC now just from following along but I don't get why this is happening.

Here's how it's going: Ok so I go to my Dep page and i'm at CYVR departures, so I select the runway which is 26L, so then I have that set, so I hit Index, and go to the 2R LSK and I hit KSFO to set my arrival.

So when I get to that page, I select GOLDN4, and then RBG. The runways are set, but when I hit execute, and leave that page and comne back to it again, it's like I never even entered the Arrivals because it goes back to where I select the arrival stuff which would be GOLDN4 and RBG. It resets every time. Is this normal?

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