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Hi everyone. I am wanting to install fsx acceleration on my pc. I click on install and it comes up saying fsx not found. I can understand this because i do not have fsx installed in my C drive but instead installed in a new hard drive. So now i cant install fsx acceleration and was wondering if anyone had any tweaks or something which can make me install this program.

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I haven't gone through the acceleration install in awhile, but While you're going through it pick the "expert" or "advanced" option if it's available and watch for an option to select the installation folder.

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i have has a look and there is no advanced or expert mode on the acceleration install window that comes up. There in theory should be an advanced mode so u can change the fsx loaction folder yourself but they havnt added one by the looks of things.

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ahh it works lol i uninstalled fsx and reinstalled and it works strange but good 🙂 thanks for the reply tho

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