Funny thing happened on the way to 15,000 feet

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On my flite sim X I have been flying the air creation trike out of my local airfield. This is Branch County Memorial Airport at Coldwater, Michigan. (koeb). When I have tried to land I could not get he trike to come down. Shut off the engine and did ess turns etc... had to dive at the runway to finally land. This is not the usual proceeedure. Today I tried agian and when i got to 700 feet agl I shut the engine down and went tinto soaring mode. Trimmed the trike to 36 mph and let it go. I only turned as necessary to stay in the airport area. This seems to be about four or five miles in diameter. When it finally stopped climbing I was at 15595 feet... Question is... Is this just a glitch in my machine/program comination or is it a gitch in the program itself... will some one else try flyinng this airport with the trike and see if the results are the same???? Thank you!!!

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