Freeware Bush Planes for Fsx?

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Hi. I am a very enthusiastic "pilot" on FSX. I have been looking everywhere for awesome freeware bush planes. I would preferably like a tail dragger. Can anyone help me?

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The only problem is that I don't have an account at fly away. I do like the super cub though.

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You could get one.

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Ridiculous is the $5 a month registration for this website, isn't worthwhile for these downloads. I know it's quite a little amount but what's the point.

I've been playing FS for quite a long time, and those websites I listed are by far the best freeware databases. The choice here is limited, and they WILL be found on one of those sites, and they are free to register.

NOTE: When you say this,

some are identical to what other sites have , but some are well picked .

,complete , compatible , no errors well packed , easy to download ,etc .. ,.

The zip is the same as they are on Avsim and, so there is no difference and they work just as well.

Good luck with finding the aircraft you want!


I found a super cub on search super cub

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You're 7 months late, you should check the last post date next time you post! 😉

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