FREEWARE Piper Super Cub?

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I saw that Aerosoft has a Piper Super Cub for about $10 (USD). It's for FS2004 and I don't know if it's fully compatible with FSX. Since I already blew my "toy airplane" budget on another one, I'm not willing to spend the $10 (for the time being anyway) on this addon.

Are there any realistic Piper Super Cub addons worth flying? I'd prefer one that has models for both wheels and floats (throw in a 3rd one with some Tundra Tires too and I'll say great things about you to a total stranger!). I'd prefer one with both 2D & 3D cockpits...but I know that I may be be pushing my luck on a freeware version.


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Thanks for the link!
I also found a very good looking model on Sim's site

There are a couple of update downloads listed there for it as well. To make the Cub work smoothly in FSX, you need to get those updates as well. The gauges in the primary download (V3) are from FS98 and won't work in FSX. The updates fix that.

Turns out that the Super Cub I got from this site is MUCH better than I'd expected. The 2D cockpit has incredible detail. 3D cockpit looks very good as it usable. The paint schemes are cool too (and one has TUNDRA TIRES!). One of the coolest things I found is that there is an additional download for it that apparently (I haven't used it yet) allows you to repaint the plane. That's cool to me because my father used to be a professional bush pilot and hunting guide here in Alaska and (if things work out right) I can put his old tail number on the plane! That would be a nice little nostalgic touch for me!

Speaking of that, and if you'll tolerate a shameless plug, my father wrote an exciting book of his most daring flights in the Alaska bush. It's an interesting read for anyone fascinated with bush flying in the dangerous North. I DON'T GET ANY MONEY FROM SALES OF THE BOOK (I'm sharing this in the interest of aviation). If you're curious, you can take a peak at it here:

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You should be able to change the tailnumber in the options screen, without having to repaint

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I guess I didn't consider that. I thought that it was part of the paint scheme. I guess the next time I jump on for some stick time, I'll try that. Thanks!


That was your dad who wrote that!? I read it months ago before searching for a super cub for fsx and found this. I love the book ive read it 5 times. I ADMIRE bush pilots as they do such a great job and are usually the best of the best pilots. I bush fly a ton on fsx

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