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Greetings and salutations,

I'm in the process of setting up a full simulator (less motion). I am having difficulty getting the third monitor to work. Its a new system from dell and the Mother board has only one slot for graphics. It has three ports for monitors on the video card however, when I try to use a third monitor it will not run.
The simulator is fully enclosed to create a more realistic environment using Saitek components. (Yoke, throttle, pedals, radios, etc.) I'm using a 27 samsung monitor for main and Dell 19" for the sides.

I'm looking for recommendations on the hardware issue. Power and video cards etc.

I'm a real pilot but still enjoy FSX tremendously.

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Personally I would say trash the motherboard and opt for one that has PCI-E slots for additional video cards. However, there is a device that I am still using that helps out greatly: The Matrox Digital Triple Head to Go. It is essentially a KVM switch that will split your screen across three monitors. The downside is that you will lose resolution, but if you use a high end card (i.e an EVGA 580 Classified), your will not notice it much. Or better yet, buy a Radeon Eyefinity 6870 Video Card and you can run those three monitors off that card.

I have 3 EVGA 465s.... two in SLi mode and one providing the Physx Engine. But I have a Triple Head to Go running off of the SLi setup to my two 22" widescreen monitors and the third 21.5" is running on the second card. Once I can find identical monitors, I will run all three off of the Triple Head to Go.

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