I need 'Learn to Fly' videos; these exist?

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I'm familiar with the JustPlanes videos on "flights" to and from a particular point but I need a video something that covers the basic fundamentals of flying, perhaps starting with small aircraft and moving toward larger ones. In doing my own research on this and not taking classes because they're waaaaay too expensive, I've resorted to the internet which I imagine is not the best way to learn the craft efficiently. I've been basically piece-mealing the techniques on my own, (thanks to FSX) but there appear to be holes in what I've learned.... Are there tutorial videos which cover actual teaching of piloting airplanes?

- Kareem

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Well just like the book Jeppesen makes a dvd that covers everything in their private pilot book but in a dvd format. It will cover basically everything you need to know about flying small prop planes. Now they also make a commercial book not sure if they have a dvd but I think they do. not sure what the jep. website is but I think it is this: www.jeppesen.com

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flight simulator has a pretty good tutorial except the instructer tells awful jokes.

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ditto LOL

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