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Did you find out whether it was going to be a garbage arcade game or a proper simulator?

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We are under an NDA with Microsoft and cannot release any information until early January - watch this space.

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microsoft flight came and it SUCKED! With developers such as ORBX, A2A, Flight Replicas and Carenado we all know what is possible. Microsoft should have matched or exceeded these bars and they failed miserably. No one wants another sim especially with gamey graphics and a limited area. They want something immersive and realistic. The bar was set, and rather than rise to the challenge, all of us were let down. Microsoft being the powerhouse that it is, we all expected better. I will keep my FSX and my excellent scenery and aircraft that Microsoft was unable to deliver... Pretty sad really...Maybe some day Microsoft will spend some resources on talent and give us something evolutionary... I'm not betting on it unfortunately😞

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Old post, don't bother answering.


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