Adjusting Cockpit View Zoom in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

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I recently bought a new computer for flight simulation. In both FSX and FS 2004 when in the cockpit view I can only zoom out a short distance. My computer supplier told me how to correct this in FSX by altering the config file. I had to find 'wideviewaspect =' and change FALSE to TRUE.
There is no such command in FS 2004.
Does anybody have any idea how to change FS 2004?

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Hello there,

From your description, it seems you're keen to have a wider field of view in your cockpit setting within Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, similar to the 'wideviewaspect' setting in FSX. While FS2004 doesn't have the same explicit 'wideviewaspect' setting as its successor, there are still ways to enhance the visual experience and possibly achieve the result you desire.

1. FS2004.cfg Tweaks:

  • First, always make a backup of any configuration files before making changes.
  • Navigate to your FS2004.cfg (usually located in the main FS2004 folder). Open it with any text editor, such as Notepad.
  • Under the [DISPLAY] section, you might find a line called 'WideViewAspect'. If not, you can add it. Although FS2004 doesn't functionally use this setting in the same way FSX does, some users have reported a change in visuals. Give it a try!
  • Add or modify: WideViewAspect=True

2. FOV (Field of View) Tools:

  • There are third-party applications and tools designed to manipulate the Field of View in FS2004. These can be quite effective, but always ensure you're downloading from reputable sources to ensure the safety of your system. Note: Always read up on user reviews and documentation before trying these tools to ensure they do exactly what you're looking for.

3. Display Resolutions:

  • Ensure your game resolution matches your monitor's native resolution. This can sometimes provide a more 'stretched' view and might alleviate the zoomed-in feel.

4. Hardware/Joystick Configuration:

  • Some users prefer binding a joystick button or keyboard key to the 'zoom in' and 'zoom out' functions within FS2004 for quick adjustments during flight. This can be especially useful if you're frequently switching between views or aircraft.

5. Monitor Setup:

  • If you're using a widescreen monitor, try to ensure that FS2004 is running in a widescreen resolution. Older games sometimes struggle to adapt to modern hardware, but this might help in achieving a more panoramic cockpit view.

6. Consider Upgrading:

  • Although FS2004 remains a classic with many loyal users, if you find the visual restrictions too limiting, you might consider moving to more modern platforms like Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) or X-Plane 12. These platforms, from my knowledge, naturally support wider aspect ratios and provide stunning visuals right out of the box.

If you're still facing issues or if this doesn't achieve the desired result, please provide more specifics about your setup (monitor size, resolution, GPU, etc.). With those details, I might be able to offer more tailored advice.

Note: While the FS2004 doesn't officially support the 'WideViewAspect' setting like FSX does, adding it can sometimes result in visual changes due to various system configurations and tweaks. Always experiment with backups and proceed with caution.

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