Nvidia 8800GT, any good?

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Hi guys. Not been on for a while. I was looking at getting back into my flying. My current Nvidia card has given up so need to get a new one. My PC isn't the greatest. It got an E2140 processor with 2GB of ram but ran fs9 surprisingly well on mostly high settings. Just wandered if the 8800GT will be up to the job as a store down the road has a second hand one for £30. I'm gradually building a PC for fsx but do you think this will be good enough to keep me ticking over on fs9?

Thanks guys

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Looks good for 2004 but not FSX.


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Thanks for the reply. It's only to keep me ticking over while building the other rig.

Thanks again

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Definitely, I used to have one, very nice card back in the day and will still do fine even today.

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FYI we DO have a Hardware section Whistle

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