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Virtual Pilot 3D Flight Simulator (Real product or Scam)

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nisha90 Guest

its real, i got it for my birthday and it looks pretty realistic in my opinion. however it does have its flaws which are minimum. I got mine today actully but it was a gift from my grandma. i think it took almost 2 weeks to get to her. i posted a topic about this.

Kirk Smith Guest

I am sorry I fell for this and am now out $150. Wish I had read these reviews first! I did get the disks but the rudder did not work with my joystick.
I wrote to the help desk and got a reply that they would be in contact. That was a month ago! Have reposted my question several times, but with no answers. I will be smarter next time and enjoy my FSX until someone really does make a better product.

AeroHighwayMan Guest

so clad i looked up this supposed flight sim,and found these forums,iv not browsed through yet but will surely be back for a better look see and register...

iv been flying in MicrosoftFlight

found it ok but limited where you can fly with out buying more microsoft points to get more add on some of their aircraft are unable to display a virtual cockpit so went looking for something better,iv already got FSX but come across Virtual Pilot,clad you guys are around you saved me some money Very Happy

Regards AeroHighwayMan[/list]

Mick G Guest

I ordered this program several months ago, it came in the post on time and all seemed good. After loading the program and ran it, I realised it was no-way as good as advertised, Sent a request for a refund (as promised on website) and got a response quickly. Below is the reply.

" We are sorry that you did not like your purchase.

I will have this ticket number forwarded to the Refunds Department to process your request.

If you need further help, simply add a response to this ticket.

Customer Support"

Still waiting for a refund. I will have to get onto PayPal and lodge a complaint!

James Nelson Guest

Boy I'm glad I checked out this site before parting with my cash. The ads almost had me sold, as I fear they will a lot of people now that MS Flight Sim is pretty much in the ground. That's what had me even considering it, but I guess I'll just stick with getting the gold edition of FSX.

Dana Harker Guest

I was about to buy this sim thanks for the warning . I did buy a sim called (x plane 10) made by laminar research . I keep having the same type of problems with it too. dont buy that peace of crap either. thanks guys for heads up .

DubiousAlliance Guest

I just bought a new system, and was looking for a good SIM to load it up with. I kept looking for a review of VirtualPilot 3D and they ALL looked about the same which got my suspicions up. Then I came across another website that was supposed to be a review of the product and found this! (Note the WONDERFUL grammar skills...)

Stage Designer Software:

Create your own parts, its scenery, new buildings, landscapes, lakes, rivers or mountains to create this program. The world is oyster with this software. Indeed, I want to fly you can create your world!

Life and money back guarantee free update, free update software stays up to date and if you are not fully satisfied with the product, Best Flight Simulator 2013 provides the back is covered by a 60 day money back, no questions ask.

Because of this Best New Flight Simulator 2013 online ordering on the internet, and itmay Virtual Pilot 3D 2013 download the entire package completely (have a slow internet connection, especially if you are) will have to take some time to download.

Virtual Pilot 3D 2013 is a arcade game. Instant gratification more your preference (arcade style flying), the Virtual Pilot 3D 2013 may not be for you.

Luckily I found this before I invested my money. Thanks for the heads up!

Bob Fox Guest

These unethical fools have taken a free product, repackaged it and now charge for it. It is not illegal, just unethical.

Get it for free from:

Evil or Very Mad

flightsimmer2013 Guest

Vitualpilot 3D is just Pro flightsimulator and both are scams. You can get the same game from

Pro Flight Simulator is based on a free and open-source program called FlightGear. Basically, I feel that Pro Flight Simulator is a scam because the Pro Flight Simulator "developers" downloaded FlightGear, made some changes, and are now selling it with no regard to the original developers.

So is Pro Flight Simulator a scam? That depends on what you consider to be a scam. In this case, a third party has downloaded a free application, made (in my opinion) very minor and insignificant changes, and then released it to the public at a premium price as a unique product. That makes Pro Flight Simulator a scam in my opinion, but yours may differ.

Jack Waling Guest

I purchasedthe program withthe undersanding it had a money back refund policy, I could not get it to work well and have been sending the report to them asking or my money back without any answers.

Briar Guest

I hope some of you folks got your refunds. I wish I had read this forum before I tried ordering this simulator! What you are ordering is a download; they only offer you the DVDs (at a significant extra cost) AFTER you've seen the huge size of the complicated files you'd have to download. To be fair, they are up front about that, but I've changed my mind about how I feel about that--it has scam vibes and I don't like it. I haven't downloaded one byte of this program and I've contacted the customer service email for them provided by PayPal and I've requested order cancellation. Some of your posts give me little hope they will respond, so I suppose I have a resolution battle on my hands via either PayPal or the credit card linked to it. We shall see. I emailed them via their "contact us" page too, but I will have no record of that in my email sent file. In case any of you would like to try again, here's the email address the PayPal site provided for this VirtualPilot outfit:

Briar Guest

I got my refund! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

It took a couple of emails and some repeat enquiries via their "help desk ticket" system, but they said they were sorry I "didn't enjoy" the product (I never went ahead and downloaded it after paying for it it, but details, details) and they were refunding my payment. I checked my PayPal account, and sure enough, the refund has been posted. Those of you who didn't get your refunds, reopen your claims in case something has happened to persuade them of the error of their ways!

My unfortunate decision to order from them and my subsequent refund occurred within 24 hours. I feel very, very fortunate. I thank the people on this forum for these posts which solidified my determination, when I might have been scammed, not to let it stand!

Jan Polet Guest

I fell for it too. Sad
Bought the program and the VIP membership.
$114 in total.
The program freezes or crashes and a lot of stuff isn't working.
It doesn't look like the screen shots and ads on the site.
No response so far.
PayPal won't help you out either, cause their 'secure purchases' only apply to receiving the shipment and not what's in it. PayPay purchases are NOT safe. Also fake marketing.
It's an old version of Flightgears sim. Newer Flightgear planes even work in Virtual Pilot 3D.
It's a total rip-off and there are NO updates.
Selling open source sofware is legal.
Misrepresenting it and selling it as something else is.
Their facebook links have been banned for spamming.
Don't think I'll get my money back. Wish I could give it to the developers of Flightgear.
Isn't there a way to stop these scammers?
Sorry if there are typos in the message. I'm mad and frustrated and typing fast.

Jan Polet Guest

I just got a reply from Terry.



Thank you for bringing this matter to us. However, I do apologize for the confusion caused about our company's integrity because of the personal reviews and testimonies you may have found on the internet. Any other companies would always have those kind of negative impressions if a personal request or favor was not granted or satisfied.

However, let me assure you that VirtualPilot3D is not a scam. We may have dissatisfied customers but we have more satisfied ones.

I will refer this case to the Refunds Department as you have wanted it.

If you need further help, simply add a response to this ticket.

Customer Support

Wonder what is going to happen next.

Jan Polet Guest

Update from VirtualPilot3D!


Hi Jan

I've personally issue the refund via PayPal. You should see the notification of the refund in your email inbox.

Two refunds are issued. One for $47, the other for $67. And yes, we do stand by our 100% satisfaction money back policy.

Also, even though VirtualPilot is based off FlightGear, we've made numerous changes to the program including

1. A plug and play system that works without the hassles of advanced customization

2. We offer a one stop launch system and makes it easy to add aircraft + scenery.

3. The complete start up of the game was rewritten to help new users with this issue.

4. New aircraft models are added on a regular basis.

To say it is simply FlightGear would be inaccurate

I hope that explains our position. In any case, let me apologize once again and I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the purchase. We stand by our money back policy and we offer a "no-questions asked" refund process.

Best regards,

Charles Noel
Support Administrator

Than another message from Terry:



We're sorry you didn't like the purchase and I apologize for the confusion caused.

In any case, we're doing a full upgrade to the VirtualPilot3D package that will resolve many technical issues and it would be ready in about 30 days.

We'll be offering it to you for free as a token of our appreciation for trying this out.

That being said, I'll escalate the ticket to our aftersales team who will follow up with you.

If you need further help, simply add a response to this ticket.

Customer Support

So, they did refund the money.
I'll be looking at the current version of Flightgear and in about a month will hopefully get the updated version of VirtualPilot3D as well.

ERG Guest

Here the same story same e-mails from Terry bla bla.

I give my bank recover payment and that was working get my money back.
Paypal blocked my account for investigation but release after my email etc etc.

Im lucky to get my money back for 100%.(because the recover payment from the bank and Paypal) not from virtual 3d no response !

Couple weeks later I get a box with the DVD not 4 but 3 dvds so incomplete and useless good for the trashbin.

Next time when I want to buy on internet something I will first do research
how reliable the site is.

So dont buy at this site Virtual 3d flight.

Im sorry for my bad English but I hope when you read this you understand what I mean.
Otherwise you can reply ...


This product doesn't work it will not even open.. I paid $127.00 for a product that I can't even use.. This will be the only email I send before I report this company to the proper authorities.... I need my money back...


It's a real product, but it's also a scam.

You'd better hope you like it--if you write in for their refund, you'll never get it. I've written four or five times and have been put off for two months.

It's not a bad product, but it is not for everyone, and they don't allow you to test it before you buy.

Caveat emptor.

Bruce Ewing Guest

I recently downloaded the demo version (which worked) and I was impressed by the flight characteristics of the aircraft. As a former CFI, I liked the idea of flying the cockpit view and then viewing a external views. This would be very helpful in teaching landing flare techniques and soft field landings etc. I ordered the full disk set and was I disappointed. The disk loaded OK but no matter what aircraft is selected it is overlay-ed with the Cessna panel over the selected aircraft and when the selected aircraft does show up, the pull down menues don't work. I have opened two work orders asking for help but after 2 weeks , I have received a response. Ironically, a demo version from a while ago loaded on another computer does work. I think I'll stay with FSX (without 8.1) or X-Plane.

Kristijan Guest

Hi folks!
I am one of new victims - untfortunately, did not find this site before. Sad
Now, since they decided to say that they have no refund policy due to digital nature of the product, obviously I won't get refund.
However, I am not going to leave them in peace with my money and at least I can do may be to prevent that to happen to someone else. I am not just a flightsim nut, I am also a lawyer and want to bring them to justice. If more of us would sending criminal complaints to relevant authorities, we would have more impact.
If interested, drop a mail on




Guys it is a scam they couldnt even be stuffed changing the flightgear gui. all of it is a scam. all the too-good-to-be-true reviews its all bullshit. no offence to the people who actually deveolped the game.

A.Wynne-Roberts Guest

As with others here--getting the same error message when trying to open the program--Wish I had read this site first--oh well

g d b Guest

HELLO, i am glad that i found this site. I too have purchasedthe download version of VP3D, it does work, but the graphics are terrible, although my pc meets the requirements for this sim. i cannot get the added aircraft to install, have asked customer support, but not holding my breath for reply. i am going to ask for a complete refund see what they say[if i get a reply] will be back with the result for you all. thanks and good flying G D B


I purchased Virtual Pilot 3d. Checked my computer before purchase...

Everything says my system should handle it with no problem. I Downloaded it after paying over $100.00 for the game.

It Does not start on my system. I have uninstalled and reloaded it numerous times, made sure virus scan was off etc.

I have contacted the company numerous times about the crash reports which is generated and have even copy and pasted it and sent to them.

I received 1 e mail answer saying it was being sent to their tech... that was about 4 weeks ago. I have not received a answer from them back. I have sent other e mails asking about what they found from the report... they do not answer.. I am extremely upset with this company and do not recommend anyone download this game from them. It Is Over Priced and you will receive NO SUPPORT FOR IT after purchasing it.

They say they do not give refunds as it says on their purchase page...

I recommend to stay away from this company as you will not get any support from them when things do not work..

I did read reviews about it and I probably read revues they post and also watched tube videos of it before purchase... I MADE A BAD DECISION to purchase this program... PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID and loose over $100.00 for it.. Get a different sim game such as micro x gold edition..

James Doumak Guest

I bought this product after having FSX and X-plane 10. These are both excellent products with good to great graphics. After buying VirtualPiolt 3D I am very disappointed. The graphics are crappy, the setup difficult and the program poorly organized. I bought the 4 pack scenery package, loaded it into my computer and cannot get the thing to work. I go to an airport and find that I am sinking in the ocean. What a waste of money! Mad

Icecool Guest

Unfortunately I fell for this scam also. All looked well even watched some YouTube videos and was looking forward to purchase.
Payed 127$ via PayPal, but immediately after payment I got nothing, no download , no product, no email.
Some Lituanian click2sell company is in between.

I immediately filed complaint at PayPal for this company and I raised it to claim today. Hopefully PayPal can give me my money back.
I do not want this product anymore anyway.
THe Paypal payment is frozen, so I cross my fingers.

FOR ALL who are thinking of this product. DO NOT BUY. The y do not deliver and lie about it to paypal. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

Pilot69 Guest

@Icecool, did you get your refund from paypal? I made the same mistake and bought this product.. also disputed on paypal but even paypal didnt ably get my money back. How is even possible they still can use paypal for scamming peoples Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad


Almost bought it !

Saved me over $170.00 Canadian dollars.



Biggest rip off ever. Fell for it like a real sucker. Wish I had taken a bit of time to search for some revues on this real JUNK so called flight simulator...... PEOPLE DO NOT BUY THIS JUNK
Worst graphics I have seen in any game (reminds me of the King Quest games Sierra used to make, but they were good for the time)

Mike Smith Guest

I WOULD ECHO EVERYTHING THAT HAS BEEN SAID ABOUT THIS RIP-OFF. iT DOESN'T DO ANY OF THE THINGS IT PROMISSES, I FIRST BOUGHT THE DOWNLOAD, FOUND THATIMPOSSIBLE TO DOWNLOAD, SO THEN LIKE AN IDIOT BOUGHT THE 4dvd's. Guess what? they don't work either.In all it has cost me over 130 for something that is merely taking up valuable space on my PC. I AM GOING TO FIGHT FOR A REFUND. Twisted Evil

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