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FSX MelJet Boeing 777 download

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I have recently downloaded the file and extracted the files for installation in my FSX. I do not have a particularly high end system but, in my FSX, everything runs well and I get around 20fps and reasonable graphics. This airplane seems to be causing me some problems and I don't quite know how to overcome them. The view out of the left cockpit window is just black, the view out of the right cockpit window is partially black. All outside views are ok, as far as my system allows. Flying the aircraft is another matter, I cannot get over 25000ft without the aircraft stalling, it just will not climb and just falls out of the sky. When first loaded into FSX, the aircraft is shown as very much overweight and this makes it difficult to load properly when using it in a VA flight where weight is taken into account. Any good ideas as to fix these issues, or is there a newer version of this aircraft?

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If memory serves, MelJet aircraft were originally developed for FS2002. They were good in its day - one of the first if not THE first a/c with flexing wings.

Any MelJet you find for FSX or even FS2004 has been updated by who knows whom. To save yourself a lot of trouble you're better of with a POSKY 777. I've got a couple of those in FSX - work perfectly.

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Thanks for the info, I'll look into that. This one was the first I came across and suggested it was adjusted for FSX.

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I also have the meljet 777. I found the same problem. I found that the fuel was overloaded, reduce it, this will help some. However like with real aircraft your fuel and payload tend to be at max in real life, so burning off some of your fuel or reduce it at the start of your flight depending on distance. Start your flight plan with a requested altitude of 25000 msl or lower, fly awhile and burn of some fuel if you are loaded then request a higher altitude if you wish to move to a higher cruise altitude. I also have the posky 777 and it does perform well and gives you a neat utility for doors and ground vehicles... Hope this help....

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Agree with the above posts. The MelJet 777 was great in it's time but it is now outdated.

The Posky 777 is an excellent choice.

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Thanks for the help Guys, I have now got the POSKY 777 and just need to practice a little more with it. I keep overstressing on takeoff. LOL

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