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Opening and pasting to cfg files

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Does Fly Away have a source where I can get a cfg file opener. I have tried ones that will open but I cannot paste into the file.
I cannot open a cfg file then cut and paste to get a repaint to work.
I have tried several, but they want me to sell my soul to the devil.
I would buy one if I could find one that does not want to weasel into my computer with garbage like using their internet search engines or polluting with advertising.

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I do most of my repainting in Corel, convert with DXTBmp and config editing with Notepad++.

Finding the FSX.cfg is messy, but once you've found the file with the search option in explorer you can (with Notepad++ installed) right-click the file and you will see Notepad++ in the list. As long as you don't close the file it will then remain available by tag the next time you open Notepad++. Then all you need do is open Notepad++ edit and save then close Notepad++ but not the FXS.cfg. It's the best txt editor, no doubt about it !!

Have fun !!


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