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just had opportunity to edit panel.cfg
file to add gauge to my B777.when opening
file I was asked what application to use
and I used Word - got Office 2007. All
worked fine, I saved the file in Word and
gauge is showing OK. After this all .cfg
files in my FS folder show with Word
icon. I guess my question is what is a
normal process to edit .cfg files in which

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Hongming Zheng (jianqing) First Officer

But many people use notepad, But the gauges work OK so i guess its fine.

PS: when u edit a cfg file, i don't save as, simply save

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beroun First Officer

Many thanks,
I will probably be using notepad also
better display

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Tailhook Chief Captain

The reason why Notepad is used is because Notepad is an integral part of the Windows Operating System. Anyone who has Windows, has Notepad (and Wordpad). Only owners of MS Office have Word.

See also your previous topic:

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I beg to differ Mr. Tailhook Wink

I use (and strongly recommend - esp. for novice users) notepad because it does not have any dangerous features that can mess up plain text, like more advanced word processing tools have, and you will save (any sort of) .cfg, .ini files etc. the way they were intended to be saved, as text only.
Word processing applications may add document formatting tags etc. to the file which, in our case, is a no-go Whip

Well, the only exception being the encoding, ofcourse Wink


PS. Oh ye, Hi everyone btw, long time no see, etc. Wink
Hope you're all doing well.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Hey Mr. Ardjan Sir, it is good to see you 😀

Now what are you disagreeing or differing with Umm...

It seems something has got lost in translation. If you read my post again you'll find that we're actually agreeing... Hack ...crazy world. Fear

Look after yourself 🍻

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You too TH Wink

You may be right about the translation.... I thought I read you saying that the reason why people use notepad, is because it's by default available in Windows, and I tried to point out that my reason for using it, is because of how it works (or rather, how it doesn't), not merely for the fact that it's readily available.

Anywho, it's hardly worth discussing... The thread also presented the opportunity to jump in and give my regards to the community, after my last period of absence.

Not that I expect to visit frequently, as other matters, both real and virtual, take up most of my time these days, but I'm sure no-one minds an occasional "hello" Wink

Take care!

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