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I downloaded this A380 from this site and it looks really cool 🙂 Everything about it is spot-on except the sound! the sound that came with it is that of a beechcraft (i think) its sorta wierd toolin down the taxiway in a behemoth that is casting shadows over the whole county and the powerplant(s) sound like gnats... I looked in the sound.cfg file and read this line...


can someone please tell me what that means (i understand about alias's and all i just need to know the structure of the thingy)...

For that matter is there a post or a website somewhere that gives me a bit of insight to the other *.cfg files in my aircraft folders? (so i can make my C172 sound like an F-14 or my seaplane fly at FL520???)

Thanx 🙂

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I had the same problem with a 757. Just find the airplane in your FS aircraft folder and delete the current sounds. Then copy the default 737 sounds. And paste those into the A380 folder.

Did I explain it right?

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Thx mucho 🙂 that helps!

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Right on!!! Get a sound file, place it in the aircraft folder (Drag/drop) Overwright and BADABING!!! Done deal!!!


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