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So recently I have been working a lot on aerobatics. Is there any possible way to get the Extra 300 or any other aerobatic plane for FSX to stop instantly and crisp? I have seen an Extra 300 make a right aileron roll and instantly roll to the left, but in FSX it would take a while for the aircraft to roll the other way. In real life as well, aerobatics are very crisp and the airplane stops instantly! But in FSX it would roll and when you center the controls it would continue to roll, even when opposite aileron is applied! Would there be any changes that could be made to the aircraft.cfg for it to work like that. Any changes in aileron effectiveness or MOI's or something? If anyone has any ideas please tell me, even if you think they won't work, it is worth a try. And does anyone know a repainter who takes repaint requests? That is just extra information and optional, but I thank you for your time! 😀

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