Joy Yokes, Pedals, Throttle Quadrants

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I have all of the items listed above, I love them. I use the Yoke setup the most but I keep the joystick for helicopters and aerobatics in the Extra 300. 🙂

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I use both the yoke and rudder pedals, and then instead of the throttle quadrant I'm using the throttle from my Saitek X52 which works great sitting on a low table to my left.

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I have the ProSim package (Yoke & Pedals). I like them but I cant get the PROP controll to function quite right. It wont go to full high RPM setting. The other controlls do perfectly. From what I can extrapolate from using the product, I think it was taylored to the C172. It seems to work best on that A/C for some reason.

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I wanted to give a thanks to all of your comments regarding the yokes and pedals. I've been thinking about getting them to enhance my flying and I havent heard anything about them. I'll be getting them in the near future. Can anyone tell me if you have to plug them into seperate USB ports for each piece or can you bundle them so I can plug the yoke and the pedals into one port?

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