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**Disclaimer, for those who also peruse the forums, yes...this is a duplicate post, but the work computer I'm on for some reason let me post a new topic, but won't actually let me view the post and it's going here to so I can still hear back...**

I like to have a realistic flight sim experience. I'm a real world private pilot who doesn't fly as much as I'd like to, so I default to FSX when I can't rent a 172. I've seen the real McGee from the pointy end of a real plane, so it pretty much put an end to my default FSX days.

I actually put my money where my mouth is though... 6 months after the original build, the Haswell's came out. So, along with the 4770K, I had to get the Z87, and what the hell, why not upgrade the GPU why I'm at it.

Final build is the ASUS Z87- PRO, with the 4700K, clocked up to 4.6GHz (Separate story there about the overclock, for those who build your own rigs and do your own OC'ing, I totally lucked out and got a 'golden chip')

What else...oh, 16Gb of DDR at 2400Mhz. I'm at work, so this part is a little bit foggy, but I believe I left the timings at
9-11-11-24-1T. I have a 1Tb 7200rpm HDD, but the OS and FSX are on a SSD.

GPU is a 4GB 760. Before you go off on that, I want to point out I'm running 4 monitors, 3 for FSX and 1 for charts, youtube, etc. So I needed a wee bit more VRAM, plus I was told after the fact that PMDG does a lot of their stuff outside the FSX engine, and is more GPU intensive than most FSX addons, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

So, it's not a crappy computer. I'm proud of it, and it runs everything under the sun fantastically. Even FSX under conditions most people would find acceptable.

Maybe I'm looking for too much, maybe I need to wait until the Broadwells come out and pick up a couple Titans, but here's my dilemma.

I'm in a typical VA group flight, so at the departure and arrival airports I'm going to see on average 3 or 4 NGXs, perhaps 777's if it's a long haul, or Aerosoft's A320s, perhaps a handful of Carenado's 208s, it's always a different combination, but also always payware.

Also, I have various scenery from LatinVFR, FSDreamTeam, and SunSkyJet. On top of it is FTX Global, and in the case of SoCal flying, I have MegaScenery X.

I have ENB enabled, for daytime that is, I can't find a good setting for night flying, always too dark.

I have REX textures, but not Active Sky. Might have to get it eventually, always been satisfied with real world weather within FSX until recently, I think Jeppensen and FSX are getting into a tizzy.

So it's a fairly intensive demand, and right now I'm getting on average 10-15 fpm. I tried different tweaks, ironically not highmemfix, which I just found out could help out some, but I'm at work right now, so I'll plug that in when I get back and see if that helps some.

Anyone in my boat? If I have to wait until the next generation of hardware comes out, so be it I can fly with some intended AI planes for now, the only reason really I have the other planes in the group flight as payware is because it's a payware only fleet, with no repaints for anything else, so the screenshots wouldn't be awesome.

That's it for now, thanks for any help.


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A super setup!
Try lowering your autogen a little (you won't notice the difference and shut off shadows, you won't even realize that they are gone.
Lock it at 20fps and I bet it'll run nicely.
With all that you have on that machine I hope you have a name brand power supply of at least 1000w if not 1,200w.


Bill Denny Guest

I never really thought about the autogen, it makes sense. I'm kinda a boring FSX pilot, a lot of high up cruise time, so autogen really doesn't matter too much. I will give that a go when I'm home.

And...really, crud. I only have a 800 watter. I never upgraded it with everything else. While I have had no indication of any problem that would be related to power shortages, would the computer automatically scale things back if the right amount of juice is not available???

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This is the easiest way to tell about what "power" power supply you need.
Don't forget, like anything else it gets weaker over time.


Bill Denny Guest

Thanks for the tip. I'll get on that right now.

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