Lifetime subscription?

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Just a heads up to those signing up for a year membership--

I signed up to this site many years ago as a lifetime member, but discovered recently that the definition of lifetime was changed!

I'm still a lifetime member, but guess what, now I'm a lifetime member who can only post on forums and have access to other member "benefits."

I did not sign up for the forum or for anything other than downloads. So now I have to cough up even more to get what I was supposed to have all along.

So take note of that if you sign up for a year, who knows when some arbitrary decision is made to change your account as well.

I think this is bad business and not the right way to treat people. If I signed up for a lifetime supply of car wax, I'm not going to be happy to hear someday that all I can have is a shine...without the wax!

Am I all alone in seeing this as a raw deal?

I saw some poster on another thread get castigated yet told this was a democratic site and opinions reasonably expressed were welcome...obviously except his!

I don't think I'm being unreasonable, I'm a paid member and want to see just how democratically my complaint is handled.

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Flyaway should be along soon and will see and answer your post.


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cuckh Trainee

I don't really expect a reply from Flyaway as it is an indefensible action. You just don't sell people stuff and then take it away from them.

Yet another example: You pay for a lifetime subscription to a recipe site because you like to, well, download recipes, and several years into your membership you're told you can no longer download recipes, but you still have access to the forum and newsletter. Sound fair? Of course not, especially when visitors can access the same forum, post as a guest, etc.

Are there any other lifetime members who have experienced this?

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Issac Juma (issacjuma) Trainee

I have the same problem. I paid for a life time membership when I was in the military and now I can't use my account for what I paid for. I do believe this is illegal (false advertisement) to offer a "lifetime membership" and then change what that in-tales. This is why these business get into so many law suits. People start to complain and then the powers that be take notice and get involved.

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It is essentially fraud to take somebody's money for a lifetime subscription and then strip away the most important element of the subscription.

The only decent response from the site owner would be to restore the full benefits we paid for. If not, then I am going to go at this full bore. Complain to this site's regulatory body and file a complaint with every rip-off report on the web. In addition, we should work together to find other lifetime members who have been ripped off.

I believe this is a German-owned site, so I will find out who regulates the taking of money on the internet for services rendered in that country as well as a news source who would like to know the story. Of course, I would much rather have my membership than go through all of this. But the disregard is callous and smug. No way to treat a lifetime member.

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JamTart Trainee

Glad I'm not the only one annoyed by this. To guarantee someone lifetime membership, and then to insist when they changed the payment sytem to a annual subscription that we would not have to pay any extra as we are legacy members - to then turn around and say you can't download anymore - unless you logout and get what anyone who isn't registered (or payed money) gets. I have been registered on this site for about 10 years. But I'm afraid I simply can't use it anymore. when it takes 4 hours to download 50mb, I think i'd rather use another site.

Maybe if the people behind this site weren't so money centred they would respect their long time supporters.

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What alternative sites are there Jam? I think the best thing the site owners should do is reinstate its lifetime members' full benefits. It won't cost them a thing and will avoid almost certain embarrassment as this goes public and to regulatory bodies (I am researching this).

I've always loved this site and it's a shame this has happened. Somebody simply got greedy and dropped ethics for cash. I read an article about another very similar situation where the company was sued and they settled by reinstating the members' full benefits and refunding the months lost.

It's telling that the owners of this site are ignoring our complaints, and a mistake on their part.

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Sorry gents, I wish I could answer your problems but I'm just a moderator.
Flyaway will have to take this one.


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ablancas Trainee

What a surprise !!!.

Today I discovered a new sense of what it means lifetime subscription.

It seems that the agreement a few years ago this site is no longer valid, and have invented a new category of subscribers called "PRO" to download files and access certain content.

Just unfortunate. I wonder what might have happened if all subscribtors lifetime had decided to take some action with this website.

I hope fly away simulation reconsider this issue and be good enough to restore the rights and commitments set out in our original contract.

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cuckh Trainee

I think it may be time for those who have posted a request to have our full lifetime subscription benefits restored and been ignored should officially complain. I will try to find out the regulatory authority for the company and file a complaint. Do the same. I will also post on various review and rip-off report sites, do the same there as well. We only want what we paid for. Let me ask those who pay for a one-year subscription, do you have any guarantee they will honor your subscription? Or will they simply change a name and require you to pay more? Here is their mailing address--

Fly Away Simulation
c/o RBFTP Networks Ltd.
68 Aldersbrook Road
E12 5DL
United Kingdom

Here are a variety of complaint sources. If I don't have my benefits restored by the end of the week I intend to file a complaint with them all and many others. You should do the same.

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