Missing AI aircraft:-HELP!

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Hi guys, got myself into a right state till 4am this morning trying to figure out where my AI traffic has gone?

I did a clean install of FSX Gold and im running the following addons:-

FTX openLC Base Region
FTX openLC Europe Region 1 (Eastern Europe)
FTX openLC Europe Region 10 (UK & Ireland)
FTX openLC Europe Region 2 (Scandinavia)
FTX openLC Europe Region 3 (Russia)
FTX openLC Europe Region 4 (France)
FTX openLC Europe Region 5 (Turkey)
FTX openLC Europe Region 6 (Germany)
FTX openLC Europe Region 7 (Mediterranean East & West)
FTX openLC Europe Region 8 & 9 (Iceland)
REX Essentials Plus Overdrive
Various MAIW & WOAI Traffic packages

I've checked the default folder for the traffic BGL files and they are all in there ive even used TTools to check they are good and they appear to be fine, my sliders are set to Max Traffic in FSX however there is no aircraft at the busiest airports and no sign of any other aircraft anywhere?

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fixed it 😀


I have just experienced the identical problem and it is very upsetting. I am taking a deep breath before doing anything else.
Please say how you fixed it.
Steve Paradis

Rick G Guest

I love it when people say "I fixed it" and then say nothing else. Come on, we all might need your info as to the fix someday. Already one person needs it! That's what we are all on here for, the give help and to ask for it!

Thanks - Rick

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