HI, I need to speak to someone about fsx and aircraft

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I need someone who knows fsx well and is experienced. I want to be able to fly an AI aircraft, which I have managed to do no problem. I have a boeing 737-400 freeware aircraft (link to download this aircraft I have is here):


- which I love to fly this plane, because it has a virtual cockpit and everything works with it(doors open, jetway attaches etc).

Now, I don't like the actual outside (visual) look or in other terms 'the model'. I have made a WOAI AI aircraft which is a boeing 737-400 that is really detailed, flyable but without a virtual cockpit and opening doors etc because it's an AI model of course. The'model' is what I want from the AI aircraft. The virtual cockpit and other features like the doors opening etc are what I want from the freeware boeing 737-400 aircraft. Can someone/or does someone know how I can get/or change the model for the freeware boeing 737-400 aircraft so that it is the one from the AI aircraft or possibly add the virtual cockpit and everything from the freeware boeing 737-400 to make it work with the AI 'model'

I have found that some/most aircraft that are Microsoft default ones have a 'normal' model and an 'interior model' when looking at their model text file.

If you could answer or reply that would be great. If their is an email where i can send you pictures and all the documents/text for the aircraft.

Basically I want to change the outside look/model from the freeware boeing 737-400 to the AI detailed looking model. I have been working with one texture for the boeing 737-400 which is the british airways texture which I love.

Where can I send/post pictures to show the two different models.

Thanks very much

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