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William A. Jones (waj2306) First Officer we go! I downloaded my first AI's (WOAI) for my home AP, KPHL). Everything went off without a hitch....except, NONE of the AI AC are recognized by the ATC at all. I researched for a few hours throughout the AI community and found no help. I finally looked in side the AI aircraft.cfg file and found ALL were missing [Fltsim.xx] sections. However, I looked intoto the MAIW file for KADW anad found half the AC had [Fltsim] sections as with regular AC.

I have come to the conclusion that these AI packages cover so many routes and AP's, that you cannot add the [Fltsim] sections?

Am I on track? Or have I missed something about ATC and AI traffic?

Any and all thoughts would be greatfully appreciated!


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Colin Reece (Col7777) First Officer

Hi Bill,

First take a look here:

There ia section about ai aircraft etc, you may already know it but if not it is worth a look.

If you are creating some new ai you definitely need the [fltsim] sections to copy the name of the intended ai aircraft, for example you need 3 text files:

Obviously in the airports file you need all the airports you wish to fly to/from
in the aircraft file you need to copy the top line in the ftsim section like this:
AC#1,300,"Boeing 787-3 Dreamworld Air"
Then in the flightPlan file you write your plan like this:


Also you need TTools to compile you plans, the above are obviously examples but read the link I posted for better information.
Another point just check the sim= line in the aircraft.cfg has the same air file name as the one supplied, sometime there is a typo and the a/c won't show.


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William A. Jones (waj2306) First Officer

tandby....I am looking at all the info you sent! Be back to ya in a short while.



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